Ignored for 2 weeks now

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HI, approximately 2 weeks ago I was permanently banned from league of legends, the reason stated on the mail is Actions performed on your account violate the League of Legends Terms of Use". I am pretty sure this is a mistake beacuase I have never violated the TOS intentionally and after opening four support cases they have ignored me on all ocasions.

With the first case I made the support staff told me that he couldn't provide me with enough information as to way I was being banned so he would transfer me to a different person that could help me with the issue. After one week and several days I have't had any answer on that case again (I guess my case didn't get transfered to anyone?).

Beacause of this I had to open more support cases, in onf this cases the support staff told me that according to their systems my account was not banned and therefore I shouldnt have any problem login in, he told me to take a screen shot of the ban and send it. I did this and again I didn't get an answer..once again.

So please Riot im pretty sure this was a mistake and I want someone from support to help me solve this issue, I'm pretty sure I didn't violate the TOS and according to your systems i'm not banned. Two weeks have passed and I can't get an answer, please investigate my ban.

Here is the screenshot I took, just in case you need it.


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if you live till 2100 the first thing I would do is log on LoL and be like "Take that Riot!"