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Best AD carries? A tier list

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From my understanding, in addition to her awful mid game, Tristana also suffers from invariably pushing the minion wave because of Explosive Shot's Passive. While useful when it comes to farming in the late game and pushing turrets, when you are at a phase of the game where you don't want to offer yourself and your support on a silver platter to a Jungler, Explosive Shot's pushing properties is more a liability. It will probably become less an issue when the S3 Jungle keeps junglers from starting boots that are potent during a gank.

Draven's damage potential isn't under-estimated, most people understand that a Draven who has farm and is able to juggle 3 spinning axes (At high enough attack speeds, it is possible to get 3 axes going at once) will probably score the penta in 3 seconds flat. The issue is that everyone can see where his axes are going and can prepare skillshots accordingly to either score some easy damage or force him to let the axes drop and prevent him from revving up like a chainsaw, that's why you don't see him in competitive play all that often. Stuns, slows and snares have a disproportionately strong effect on Draven relative to other RADC's because of the axe catching mechanic and his reliance upon it. You start picking off a target, and Amumu bandage tosses onto you, or even a minion nearby and ults, you lose the axe that was on the way back, and possibly your other spinning axes because they didn't drop directly on you while you were immobilized.

As for his E, there are a few creative uses for it in laning phase. I saw one duo queue Draven/Blitz bottom use it to open a gap between the wave for Blitz to do a grab through, and when he ganked a lane for a Nid, he was able to shove an oncoming wave aside for the Nidalee spear to secure the kill.

When you were speaking of Corki... why the hell are you bringing up AP scaling in your evaluation of ADCarries for the purpose of a tier list, and using it as a justification of putting him so low. At most, an AD Carry will have 100 AP (Taric Ult, WotA, Trinity Force, Summoner's Wrath)? He's got significant damage before farm, can poke safely, has an ability for spotting brush (two actually, since you can use rockets for figuring if someone's in there as well). His Chaingun's laughable damage is made up for by it being an AoE armor shred that's quite useful in a team fight. He's also got a significant gap closer/escape ability with chase deterrent mechanics to it. He lanes very well with most champions, where he falls short on scaling with Taric's ult's AP component, he more than makes up for by scaling superbly from the AD component, and being able to move in and armor shred during Taric's stun, buffing Taric's highest in the game base attack damage during the kill attempt.

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Kog is easily to 5, if not top 3.

Ez is the best, then probably Graves.

Trist is top 5 but not second best...

Corki is near top 5 (maybe 6 or 7) as well...you've got him way down the list...which is not deserved...

Draven is listed much too high...he's just a gimmick...yes he CAN deal a redonk amount of damage...but at minimum range with no one messing with him... In a team fight, your support, jungler, and top should all be wrecking his day...his mobility blows and he can't deal damage without those axes...

Ashe is a bit too high too.

Twitch, Varus, Sivir for the worst 3.

I've got a special place in my heart for MF. I really like her...but 7th is probably fair...

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Supports determine the effectiveness of the carry hands down, therefore, I find this list hard to read and resepct, although you get a +1 for effort and thoroughness.

Example: Vayne/Rammus vs. Cait/Taric. Cait and taric smashed us that whole game w/ stun/snare and range, we lost lane fast.

Vayne/Nunu vs Cait/Taric. They did not stand a chance to my speed, I won every exchange due to how fast I got silver bolts out.

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How can you put Corki so low? His phosphorous bomb if leveled first will chunk the enemy team in lane and in teamfights on top of giving sight and between his passive which makes last hitting and 1v1's that much easier and a high range spammable poke he has a huge presence throughout the game. Also I feel very much the same as NoMonku in that your missing Corki's main damage output, Sheen procs. Personally I build sheen almost immediately on him just to maximize my damage. Also you have to take each players's personal preferences into consideration. Sorry for the mini-block of text but if that what it takes to get my point across.