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Death respawn timers scale too early

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The new map is supposed to be team fight oriented, and for the first 20 minutes, this is really true. But when your respawn timers is at 50 seconds or more past the 25 minute mark. The game is not about team fighting anymore because 1 lost team fight will make you lose the game. You shouldn't lose a game when you lose a team fight in the enemy's territory. The enemy team should go for both altars and kill Vilemaw, not push all the way to your nexus because the timers are so huge.

1-20 minutes: Fast-paced team fights all the time. I love it!
20-25 minutes: Losing a teamfight opens a window for the other team to kill Vilemaw and capture your Altar.
25-end minutes: Losing a team fight loses the game.

I would like the mid part of the game to be longer, like 20-40 minutes.