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Best Champs/Team Comps for TT Remake

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I've had success with Rammus, Hecarim, and Kayle. Ram's a great teamfighter and counters the high tendency for AD/Bruiser comps in TT (and can still do good against magic heavy comps). Additionally, every single time I've ever been ganked as Rammus in the new TT has resulted in the enemy team getting aced. Hecarim is extremely fast and makes a great hit-and-run glass cannon who is hard to avoid and chase. He can play a very mobile game, dominate the jungle, and gank/counter-gank very quickly on this small map. Kayle can jungle extremely fast on TT and push lanes quickly. In 3v3 teamfights, her support functions feel a bit more effective (heal affects the smaller overall health pool proportionally more, ult duration proportionally longer in the short teamfights) and her damage is still very punishing.

I've done well with most of my favorite characters, but those 3 have shown me the most success so far. Champs that I've laned with/against that consistently did well are Darius, Olaf, Ahri, Singed, and Rengar.

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Kha'zix q jump and stealth too op on tt.


Kennen with black fire torch, rylais, and witchcap. <3

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Lethal Loki:
Ill list a few of my favorites that may not necessarily be the best but are strong.

Mundo, Darius, Nidalee
Lee, Teemo, Jax (If your gunna pick teemo, pick someone who can dash to his shrooms... and set some up for allies aswell as enemies)
Udyr, Wukong, Tristana (or for lols, Karthus/E-Z [EZ fits better as most enemies will have a dash), Skarner, Wukong)
Ryze, Shyvana, Kennen (This is a highly competitive comp)
Heimer, Nocturne, Blitz

ive found that heim and blitz are a VERY strong combo when dealing with anyone quishy and in some cases tanks as well, if you work with them correctly they will melt in seconds