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Thoughts on twisted treeline

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1 800 AD Carry

Senior Member


For the most part I like twisted treeline as a map but there are a few things that I think need to be changed. I believe that the speed shrine, capture points need to be changed for sure.

The speed shrine seems a little uneccesary, it is a little to easy to move around the map as it is and this just makes it easier. The capture points as an idea I like but as for the spawn times for them, they need to be tweeked. The spawn time of 2min is either to early or to late, with minions spawning at 1:30 you will miss almost an entire wave if you stay and wait for the point. Also if you happen to have an early fight, you cannot even take the other teams capture point because they will spawn before you can even start capturing.

Solutions to these that I can think of so far are that the speed shrine needs to be taken out of the game and maybe add some small walls to make it a little longer/harder to move around the map. As for the capture points they should either open at 1:30 so that you can capture and then go to lane without missing a whole wave. Or another option is to have the capture points open up later in the game say 5/10 min in. This would allow each team to get some items group and fight, in which an ace would probably lead to both capture points being taken by the winning team. To make it so that everyone is able to buy items at the same rate, until the capture points spawn all minions should be worth an extra 4 gold and then drop back to normal when the capture points open.

Riot also adressed that they wanted to make it so that other champions would also be played in 3v3 not just bruisers and the occasional AP nuke. Although since I have been playing I have seen an even less amount of champions being played. It seems every game there is only bruisers like Olaf, Darius, Rengar ect... I don't think that this will ever change in 3v3 though since the whole premise is lots of small fights and skirmishes, which is where these champions shine.

Just my ideas feel free to post you ideas and if you disagree I would to see why so include it in you post

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Heir to Chaos

Junior Member


I agree with the problem of the shrine lockdowns, they're a tad too long. I think the cap time should start out short then progress as the game goes on, possibly adding more and more bonuses every time it's recaptured. Because capturing one for a small gold bonus is kinda unrewarding, so unless you know you can get both shrines there's no point in defending.

As for the speed boost shrine, I actually like the mobility of the map. The whole point of it is for more team fights, and shorter game time due to the lack of defense. The smallness and offensiveness of the map is a game choice, and in my opinion, a good one as it shakes up how you play. Everyone seems to want a small map that plays exactly like summoners rift. Which I think is a poor choice. I don't like some of the main play elements in classic, and this makes a good job at fixing them.

Also, I've won and lost several battles with tons of different team builds. It's not how your team or the enemies is built but really how offensive you play/how well you build items. Hence the "OP" items. I've seen so many players thinking they can just use bruisers with their normal build and play push and shove. It's meant to be constantly offensive. And that's why I enjoy it more. It takes a lot of the slog out of games. And if you die, it's not because you didn't know how to defend, it's because you can't enage fights/control crowds. I have had no problems with what champs I play, from tank to squishy to bruiser I've had no issues.