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Tanky Elise

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Jacca Knoff

Senior Member


I hate formatting guides and dislike conventional guide sites; So my guide goes here.

Pros of Elise
AP Based death machine
Doesn't even need mana
Infinite Lane Sustain

Cons of Elise
Normally Squishy
People hate spiders

I figured I'd get these out of the way, Masteries are generic AP masteries you can figure those out on your own.
Seal of Resilliance x 9
Mark of Resilliance x 9
Quint of Resilliance x 9
Glyph of Warding x 9
That's a Total of 34 armor and 12 MR. That alot of armor and you can do anything (Jungle, survive ganks, regain health more effectively with W etc.)


Human Form: Spells make babies.
Spider Form: Your babies kill everything (up to 5 babies at rank 4 ult)

Neurotoxin (Q, Human Form):
You hit them for some base damage + 8% of their CURRENT Health (there's a ratio of .02 for both this and the other Q as well). This is great for harrass but it costs mana. Since it's percentage based you could avoid building AP early game and still get kills from this and it's spiderform skill.

Venomous Bite (Q, Spider Form): It's the exact opposite, base damage + 8% of MISSING Health, This is an amazing skill for finishing someone off once they go below 50% HP and scales well with the last Mastery in the Offense tree. This does not cost any mana, like all things in spider form.

Volatile Spider (W, Human Form):
It summons a homing spider that prioritizes champs or something, great for harrass if they're behind their tower. Does some base + .7 per AP. A very passive skill compared to the rest of her kit.

Skittering.. something(W, Spider Form):
It makes you and your babies attack faster and rengerate HP, because of how your Ult works it does "tons of damage" and due to the second effect on their amazing skill it gives you incredible lane sustain. It works well with Zonya's.

Caccoon (E, Human Form):
A generic skillshot stun. Doesn't even do damage but can secure you the kill or stop sticky situations like Nunu or Kat's ult.

Rapel (E, Spider Form):
Makes you untargetable for several seconds on ground cast or makes you slowly descend on an enemy on enemy cast. Because it makes you untargetable to can avoid aggro from a turret or use it's secondary effect to escape into the jungle or catch up to people. It's a beautiful skill if utilized correctly (like any skills that make the player untargetable)

Spider/Human form? (R, Ultimate):
You transform into a spider, letting loose your babies to wreak havoc on your enemies, dealing 30 + .2 per AP per hit or something. You also gain bonuses like armor and that same damage boost. This makes her an excellent jangler.

If you haven't noticed her Human form is more passive, like a support, and her Spider form is more active, like a carry. So use Human form to harrass and Spider form to eat them.


Boots of Speed + 3 Health Pots
Your choice of boots: Merc Treads prefered.
Catalyst of the Protector
Rod of Ages (This needs to be built way way early)
Your Choice of: Abyssal Septer or Zonyas Hourglass
Rylai's Septer
The thing you didn't choose 2 items ago. (If you're running out of space, sell rings)
Top it all off with a Rabbadons Death Hat.

This will give you lots of AP and Health as well as some Armor and MR. Edit what you will - no build is set in stone.

Summoner Spells: Flash and Ignite/Smite

Oops, Forgot the Skilling Order:
R -> Q -> W - > E

Get them low and then combo
Combo: Human first: Q -> W -> E -> R -> Q- > E - > W (Press everything in order and then morph into a spider and eat them.)
I'm not much for strategy so my guide ends here.