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@Riot TT Base Wall Suggestions

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I was playing the new Twisted Treeline against blitz and trist. Trist was able to just shoot me over and I had absolutely way to get out. Blitz pulled over one of my teammates and we had no way of escape. The giant turret just killed us with no way out. Even at full health within seconds, I was totally helpless because I had no chance to flee it. Ashe stood at the base attacking me. Being Cho, a melee character, I was helpless to her attacks. The game was forced to being caused end, and I lost for this very reason. I've died for crossing into the turret range, but I was unable to see where the line was.

I understand the purpose of the new base is to force champions to stop pulling super-minions into the turret.

But how does Riot fix this?

1. Make the was impenetrable overall. Its unfair to allow the defending team a huge advantage of taking no damage while forcing a retreat. Don't allow ranged characters to shoot over the wall. Stop pulls and blasts from knocking characters over and being helpless.

2. Another idea I have is create a new type of base with a set of spikes as the line and make it bigger than the minions so they cant penetrate it, but it would serve as a dividing line so summoners wont get zapped by the turret for misunderstanding where the line is.