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about buying characters

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what is that horrible patch?
my computer was out for somthing like 50 day, and i ccan't play normaly.
i can understand why you will want to put skins and others in buy position, but champions?
that is crazy, and i declaere a strike of players.
join me and you will not regreat

p.s i love what you did to cho'gath, you know, that nightmare thing

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Hum, you shall be alone in this =X. The champion buying system was going to be implemented ASAP, it was supposed to have been out on release day, but because the store was not operational it wasn't. 50 days? You joined in november mate rofl fail math! xD jk jk

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Sorry sharkfin, but Riot's been quite clear that this is their business model. You have several options.

$45 buys you all 40 heroes (plus other goodies)
$20-25 buys you half of the heroes (there's 2 discrete sets you can choose amongst)

If you don't like the above options, you can buy your favorite heroes piecemeal for a couple bucks each. Or, you can not pay ANYTHING, and unlock everything solely through IP (earned from playing).