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[Bug] [Minor] [Capture Point Notification]--[Video Entailed]

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[Twisted TreeLine]----[Bug]----[Gameplay Minor]

Alter Cap Notification Glitch

This issue is purely aesthetic; and only effects the pop-up notification on the right side of the screen.
It glitches when an enemy enters the capture point AS your as about to cap the objective, and sends out a game-wide notification that the enemy captured the Alter.

The game DOES properly award the alter to the opposing player, but displays the wrong notification of WHOM captured the Alter.

Steps To Reproduce:

1) Select a hard-target gap closing champion (Jax/Akali/Fizz)

2) Have a second player on the enemy team begin capping one of your alters.

3) Use your gap closer to enter the Alter by targetting your enemy AS they are about to collect the point.

A notification appears stating that YOU re-collected the alter; but the minimap shows the alter is actually awarded to the proper player.

YouTube for those whom don't understand: http://youtu.be/KCjc4cNTLSQ

Explanation of Youtube:
  • Jax (Enemy) owned the capture point (alter).
  • I was playing eve, and began to secure the point.
  • Jax used leap strike right AS the point was captured.
  • The game had shown a notification that Jax gained the capture point, when in fact I collected it and it was awarded to my team. See the mini-map after the capture; it shows it was awarded to *green* (my) team.

Note: The attempting to reconnect is a known glitch with LOLReplay.