new TT favors some, not others

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Anton Ranks

Junior Member


I was fond of the concept with the Twisted Treeline, but i am quite dissatisfied with the execution of the new map. I main Dr. Mundo, and i have a health regeneration build. Taking away items in twisted treeliine makes it difficult for some champions to solidify a build. also, the speed shrine makes it far too easy for top lane to gank, if a character has boots of mobility, they can gank before top lane can call mia. Also, this map favors teams that roam and gank together, making it difficult for people to farm and push unopposed. Frequently i would find myself pushing a tower and get ganked by the entire enemy team while my friend, playing teemo, was in stealth capturing the nearby shrine. The matches are supposed to be faster paced, yet every match i played went on for nearly an hour. Lastly, the jungle seems deserted half the time and most ppl have reduced fields of vision while within it. In my honest opinion, this map caters to all the people that complained about 3v3's but not to the others that play them. Twisted Treeline needs to be returned to its original state and this new map needs to become a separate map.