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New TT map

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Here is what I dislike about the new map. I don't know if these have been posted already, but this is my opinion.
Way to small- The map is to small. I understand it is 3v3, so it has to be smaller, but it is just to easy to get from one side of the map to another.
Towers- The towers are ABSOLUTELY useless. Everyone plays tanky people and the towers do NO DAMAGE. Even level 3 you can dive and not worry about the tower. Minions are scarier then the towers.
Clustering- The map is just a cluster of ideas. It is another problem with the size of the map, but there is to much going on with the map for it's size.
Champions- This map is literally 100% geared towards tanky people. So was the old TT, but it's even more so now because of how the objectives work.
New items- They are unique and good.
Art Style.