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Old TT > New TT :c

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Mustard Tokyo

Junior Member


This new map is such a mess for me. It's not the old TT it used to be at all. Riot said that they wanted bruisers and blinks to not be able to dominate the game map but they most definitely still do!!! Why can't we have both?! I only run this game on a laptop so I can't push it all the way without fps problems and when i turn the new TT map settings to very low it still bothers my fps MUCH more than the old one. If i set EVERYTHING to at least low i should get at least 58 fps and around 40 in big team-fights. I NEVER had this problem in the old 3v3. Why is the all the unnecessary detail on the map still there on very low? GIVE US BOTH PLEASE!!! The original is the sole reason I played LoL as much as i did. I play 5v5s rarely. PLEASEEEEE let us play the original with everything it included. Keep this for people who enjoy it but PLEASE give it back to us. Long time 3v3 fan would absolutely love thissssss. Please Riot!! I absolutely love this game and I don't want to have to drop it because you don't listen to the group of people who want the old 3v3 map back even if we comprise a small amount of the LoL community.