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new TT feedback

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Ok so after the new TT was released me and some of my friends tried it.While we liked the new texture there r a couple of stuff that we r against.First of all i dont know if this is at my end only but the lag at the new TT is so badly that ends up destroying both ur game and mood.Secondly i think that the map is a bit small.I mean its pretty easy for someone to escape and rich from his base to the enemie's and vise versa.Thirdly the wall that was added at spawn while it has an awesome look it can destroy ur game as the time u spend going around the wall is enough for the enemy to destroy ur nexus.Last but not least personally i liked the new capture points idea however,they r locked for too long as whoever captures both points is too op to fight.

Some of the ideas that we came up with is to have both the beta and the old 1 TT so summoners can choose their map.Also the lack of the lizard is noticed and it would be nice if u could add it back.Lastly it would be nice if u could reduce the lagg as most of us want to play there but we r unable due to lagg

Thank you for your consideration