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Love the new TT

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Love it! I felt like the old map didn't have enough.. mobility. I like the altars as a new focus for the map, feel like it encourages everyone (not just that roaming tryndamere ) to engage the enemy team.

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The only primay reason I can think of is that it would split the TT population and make both maps eventually have pretty bad queue times each.

The old map also had a huge problem with the jungle. If they fixed the randomness of the starting jungles and made it more balanced (gold/difficulty), I think it would be nice to have it back.

rioters have said that this is a big reason.
i love the new map.
i played a decent amount of the old one and i loved out too but this one, it's just so much better. we don't need 4 maps.
you guys who say it's like dominion must have never played dominion. they are not alike in the slightest.