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Gamrs.net New 3v3 Prized Tournament

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The tournament is being hosted on Gamrs.net
Please be sure to read over ALL the rules regarding this tournament on the site.

server: North America
Map: Twisted Treeline
Game Mode: Tournament Draft
Tournament Type: Single Elimination (Finals BO3)
Number of Bans: 3
Max Teams: 32
Tournament Registration Beginning Date: Oct 26, 2012
Tournament Registration Close: Nov 17 , 2012
Tournament Date: Nov 17, 2012
Entry Fee: 10 Credits Per team. ($10 Per team)
Prize Pool:
First Place: $150, Gamrs Trophies and XP
Second Place: Gamrs Trophies and XP
Third Place: Gamrs Trophies and XP

Registration has already begun, So anyone can register at any time.
The registration will end either when all of the teams have been created and are fully functional, or 7 days before the beginning of the tournament, which is November 14, 2012.

All of the rules for the tournament are posted on Gamrs.net.

To register, ensure all of the players have a Gamrs.net account. Have your team leader purchase 10 credits from the credit shop. Then click the "Join Tournament" button, register the team, and invite your friends/teammates to the team on the team profile page.

Good luck and have fun,


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Shameless self bump