{Support Champion Concept} Sicht - The Vision Monger

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Passive: Spirit Stride
As Sicht paces he leaves an essence behind which grants temporary vision untill it dissipates. In addition he has a 7th inventory slot which may only be used for consumables

Q: Healing spear
Sicht hurls a spear imbued with the magic of the godly soraka, on impact it will explode and all allies hit will be healed. The amount healed increases exponentially the further away they are. The spear will not impact on, nor affect enemies.

W: The Horror!
Sicht injects visions of horrors into the enemies mind, fearing them directly away from himself.

E: Proximity mine
Sicht in his days with heimerdinger has managed to secure a store of proximity mines. Once placed they are invisible to enemies, however should an enemy come within 150 range it will activate, blinking red then detonating 1 second later in a 250 range radius.

R: The Vortex "Send them to disney land!"
When activated a swirling vortex will consume all enemies in the area (lasting 5 seconds), when consumed they take no damage and become immune to all damage. If an enemy walks into the vortex he to will be consumed by it. At the end of the vortex all enemies are returned to this dimension and silenced for 1 second.

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