New Treeline is Sub Par, Info Inside

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So first I would like to state that I love the graphical and style of the New twisted tree line that part was done amazingly well and I like it.

However there are allot of gimmicky things that I dont like about the new treeline.

1: NO WARDS this is probally my biggest issue as mid is a gigantic blind spot that the enemys can just camp the altars and wait to gank you all day because if you push forward they all come behind you and own your team since you most likley have at least one person in each lane and a jungler alone in there isnt safe.

2: The top part of the map just seems to be missing something, its so open and naked where the boss sits, i feel there should be at least some small camps up top and a few bushes instead of just the wide open hole.

3: The Speed boost in mid, takes up way to much space and isnt very useful, I honestly think this should become a capture point altar reduce the buff it gives and make it so it dont open till like 5 minutes in or something. then take out the other altars and place it with at least one more jungle camp and maybe a few bushes or something

The altar buff for capping 2 points just seems overly powerful if you can win a level 1 fight and snag both asap you pretty much snowball from there.

not everyone agrees with me most likley but these are the things that i have found troublesome about the new map

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1. I personally love the fact that there are no wards. It makes constant map awareness more important than with wards, I feel.

2. I completely agree. I'm not sure about adding more camps up there (maybe one tiny one, but not of the value of the lower camps), but I'd love to see the entrance to Vilemaw changed to something less wide-and-straight, with maybe a bush inside each entrance to try and make plays from.

3. The speed boost in mid, in my opinion, needs to go. I don't want it replaced by any objectives or anything, I'd just like to see two paths put in there to make the jungle less "laney".

And yes, nerf the two-altar buff a little.