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Give us a smaller version of Summoner's Rift

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See, the issue with giving the players what they want is that, sadly, the players don't always know what's best for business. I am not saying giving us more maps or a "SR-Lite" map would necessarily be bad, but they probably have reasons to think it would actually hurt their business to give players what they want, in this case.

Things I can think of off-hand:
  • Splitting up the SR community into more queues could possibly cause issues with matchmaking.
  • They don't want to ruin their reputation with an awfully unbalanced map, so are in the process of trying to figure that out before they even mention it.
  • They feel variety of map objectives will keep League fresher than a bunch of copy-pasta maps that only differ in the number of players on them.

You have to really look beyond the point of view of a player when trying to figure out why a gaming business does what it does.

12 million players. It's not like WoW where you have 9 battle groups across 8 maps and 20+ sets of level brackets. The most I wait is 2 minutes at 3 am for dominion.

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You people are so stubborn. You never listen!!!

They have said that they might not even be able to support a solo ranked queue for 3s. let alone some sad news mini SR that only the vocal minority who didn't like TT2 would be playing.

TT2 is better than TT1. You probably just feel shocked since it was just yanked away. But I played it on the PBE a bunch, and came back and played live 3s in between, and however rosy your memories were of TT, it was WAY WORSE than TT2. The graphics looked ultra ghetto. The map was way too big. The Altars actually provide something better to skirmish over than lizard, because A) lizard aggros on someone helping the fight, (the Altar fights are pure skirmish), and B) you can't smite the altar, it isn't just a poke/smite stand off, you actually have to engage.

What it really sounds like to me is you guys aren't that good, and that's why you weren't playing SR, you liked hiding in your mode that no one played, and now that it has been remade, new items etc. and people are queueing for your mode, and stomping you relentlessly. Which hurts your ego cause a week ago you thought you were good at this mode and that this was YOUR mode. Now it's overrun by SR players with more skills and you want to blame the map for why you suck now.

I didn't even finish reading your second paragraph because I was losing IQ points.

Just because YOU didn't like the old map doesn't mean WE have to like the new one.