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How to play as Fizz?

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Dos Pesos

Master Recruiter


I'm level 17 and been playing Teemo (mid, top, bot)

I use the malady, witts end combo to deal extra damage with the poison..
Any tips to playing Fizz? Or any champion like Teemo

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You can build fizz the same as teemo if you want I build like that in dominion and 3's sometimes and i works fine but fizz's strength is as an ap champion. Merc Treds going middle is good, get a deathcap I like grabbing a guardian angel or ryalis crystal scepter later in the game. If you build like teemo your building more of an ad/onhit so trinity force is good and you will max W first usually if AP fizz I go for Q personally. Some people max E first but i prefer it as just a get away to start then end game clearing waves with it and doing aoe damage in team fights. When team fighting make sure you take out their carries and oher squishy champs first since your an assassin.