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[Need advice] Learning Mid, Ex-Top Player

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I play top really well. I'm able to beat a good 90% of the enemies I face in my ELO, even my supposed hardcounters with some of the champions I really like to play as.
That said, I've been trying to learn new roles, since I don't always get top

Mid's the first lane I really want to learn how to not just compete, but also be a damn good competitor. The problem is that I know the people I face, are dedicated mid players, like I was a dedicated top player, and mid is so different from top, it's boggling.

With AD bruisers, our main source of CS comes from auto-attacking near dead mobs. We also have no problems CSing under tower. In addition, almost all our abilities are used purely to attack the other champion. Almost none of my abilities I waste on CS that the auto-attack can handle.

In mid, it's a mix between auto-attack, and abilities - with a lot more resource managment. Worse - the attack animation for ranged mid is so... slow - and the damage is substantially smaller. I'm having trouble getting correct CS without even focusing on anything other then CS!

Add in the mix a really competent mid player, the best I can do is not die, and lose on the CS war pretty badly.
To which, they just push my lane hard up until the tower starts gibbing my creep, and I can't CS under tower like an AD bruiser can.

And advice from top players that also learned to mid?
What worked for you?
Tips, tricks, champions that are noob-friendy while still being competitive?
I've been playing as Lux and Xerath, and I do pretty decent mid-late game once the laning phase is over and I can actually start scoring kills in teamfights. But the early game is mine to lose in every game. >:
At least, I'm not bad aiming skill shots. Most of my abilities I manage to land on the champion while hitting minions. The problem is timing it to both hit the enemy, and land my CS, which my minions don't help for squat. Greedy *******s.

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You need to know your priorities when midding. You really shouldn't be looking for a kill until level 6 at the very earliest with no jungler.
Focus on last hitting minions and building up your gold.
DO NOT PUSH THE LANE UNLESS YOU KILL YOUR OPPONENT. If you do get the kill only push for about 15-30 seconds, if you are playing against a good team they will send someone to back up the tower.pretty quickly.
If you are using a mage be sure to conserve your mana, only using your abilities to last hit until you are level 6. This is of course flexible, but if you use your abilities on your opponent too often you will find yourself low on mana very quickly.
With Xerath you should be able to last hit minions and get a poke in on your opponent, USE HIS RANGE. You should never be forced back against your tower with Xerath, he can clear out minions very easily.
Same goes for Lux, focus on last hitting and clearing the minion waves. Lux also excels at denying your opponent last hits.
Playing mid takes practice, just keep at it and you will get better.

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Don't come to the forums for advice. Watch High ELO streamers and take notes. Reginald's Cassiopeia commentary thing has a lot of good information. A lot of what the above poster said is bad advice. For example, if the enemy jungler ganks another lane and you clear waves fast you can push to their tower and pressure them, thus making them lose CS, and then take the enemy jungler's wraiths.