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Originally Posted by Poki3 View Post
"Are you serious? Garen, Taric, what? They let you pick that?"
"I can't wait what online play is gonna be tomorrow. Everyone's playing TF. I hate my life."
"USA of course Anivia, the BEST choise to tank a tower."
"I'm playing Garen and now I've moved UP in skill..... and I'm playing Sona."
"Freefarming is good if you're the one farming."
"3, 2, 1..."

All <3 Phreak.
He really is epic. If he is offensive sometimes, well, let's face it... VInce Offer is WAY more entertaining to listen to than Billy Mays. GG Phreak with his swagger and taunting all the way. I'm so glad Riot doesn't have some mild-mannered Peter Parker type doing their commentating, because Tony Stark is just better.