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It all starts with an epiphany: Ashe.

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Ashe is the best because she has Inherent Slow capabilities + a major stun (even at close range).

Ashe generally builds critical hit chance based on time spent out of combat, right?

Ashe is a Champion who can kite major champions with her Q attack. In my former experiences, Ashe can easily obtain first blood kill in Normal Blind pick. She can do so because her very first attack is often a crit, which saves lots of time in combat when trying to deplete the a champions HP count to Zero.

Q for Ashe is a toggle, meaning it will continuously drain from the mana pool with each successive attack while it is active. However, the amount of mana drained is such a small value in comparison to the base amount of mana she starts off with. 200/7 is around 28 and a half attacks (very important). There is no cooldown for Ashe's Q. Combine this with her Rising Critical chance, and very sneaky gameplay, and you thus have a camping champion who has potential to dish out tons of damage on an exponential scale.

I say this because most AD champions only scale with their total AD and Critical hit chance. Ashe is a special exception to this general rule of thumb, because her slow allows her to tack on extra damage so long as she is within firing range of the target AND she has mana left to make use of her Q.

Thus said, her passive builds Critical Chance To-hit every few seconds out of combat. If Ashe's build has some Critical chance to hit, even a minor amount of Critical Chance To-hit, she will randomly crit on her next attack by a random amount + static amount per every % of Crit-hit chance she has.

This may sound confusing, and even might not make sense while viewing her combat statistics in game. But the underlying meme with Ashe is at some point, even while strictly auto attacking or last hitting, she will critical an Opponent.

Most Gangplank players in Normal Blind pick start off with the Berserker's Gauntlet, which applies an 8% chance to hit to their basic attacks and their Parrrrrley. The item is cheap, and doesn't even cost a full 400 gold, meaning there is opportunity to capitolize on with remainder gold. (once again) Thus said, with masteries that increase Ashe's chance to-crit, Ashe has potential to be doing double damage every singe time she spaces out her harassment.

Referring to Ashe's W ability, the extra slow can combat spellblocks to the point where it is completely nullified, forcing the champion to be effected by the mildest of Crowd Control effects, whether they want it or not.

Ashe is the best ADC in the game simply because upon initiation of an attack, she can continue to auto attack until it is not within her best interest to do so (which is determined by her present surroundings).

In conclusion, I have deduced that Ashe is the best because:

  • Chance to Critical-hit does not need to be maxed out, allowing for a plethora of build variety.
  • Ashe's main spell ability is a toggle, and does not drain a siginificant amount of mana.
  • The Lonelier the target, the more vulnerable the target becomes to Ashe's Critical Chance-to-hit bonus passive.
  • Through basic gameplay, Ashe builds the opportunity to harass better than any other ADC/Champion in the game.
  • Through use of other 'Slow down' items, her Q will pave the way for an easy Stun through use of her ultimate.

Now, on to her W.

Ashe's W dramatically loses cooldown timing per Rank. Though this would seem like the likely skill to max out first, my epiphany tells me to rank it to level 2, just because the % amount of slow on her Q increases per rank, and is a % amount. This means that Ashe's Q will slow more speedily targets at a higher trade-off than slower targets. The gap that is between the % amount of slow-target does not grow with the Movement Speed of said targets. Instead, it is more of a fractional amount. Any Ashe who has at least 1 Movement Speed bonus (whether from items or from Quints) will not be outdone in movement speed by very much more movement value than an extremely fast opponent. Ashe will move towards an opponent until she is within firing range of said opponent. While this is an ideal attack pattern for Ashe, a veteran Ashe who judges a situation deems for continued positioning, will move closer into firing range when they know the situation deems necessary. Therefore, Ashe will stand still, acting as a repositional turret for continued assault, whenever continued chase is not a viable action.

My personal opinionated Epiphany tells me that Ashe is a very squishy champion. However, using Phreak's rune build for Draven on Ashe makes Ashe a champion who can give and take damage in a lane without serious reprise.

Ashe is potentially the best ADC in the game because of her ultimate.

The Cleanse, and Spell block abilities are only as good as the distance between Ashe and the foe using it. This can be countered Easily by Ashe's W. Once all spell blocks are eliminated, the way has been paved for a close and personal R attack, which leads to potentially fatal situations for the pursued.

While this is just an epiphany, I continue to stand by my statement that Ashe (summoner spells not accounted for) is the best ADC in the game.

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Ashe doesn't have a single escape mechanism which most AD carries do. She also has no way to chase outside of her ultimate.

Entire argument nullified. If a bruiser jumps on her she goes DOWN. Can't do much DPS when you are dead.

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Ashe has major farming potential that is unseen to other ADCs. The 1-shot-1-kill farming Ashe is able to farm safely, even missing a fair amount of CS, and still pull ahead with more gold than her opposite ADC. If you have ever wondered how much gold a perfectly farmed Ashe could acquire with her passive maxed first, the potential she has is very high. Every non-structure unit in the game adds to her bounty pot on the fields, including Pets and Jungle Camps.

Picture this: Having maxed E first, she will be able to use the Hawkshot skill to scout for incoming enemies and respond accordingly much more frequently than if she maxed her other skills first. The payout bonus for maxing Hawkshot first becomes invaluable moving into mid-late game, when she is able to easily farm a lane and clear a minion wave.

Without doing heavy calculation, and without accounting for champion skills, it can be determined that from Minute 5 to Minute 10, there are 64 minions that spawn and make it to the center of a lane. 64*5=320 bonus bounty if perfectly farmed. This is an additional 320g per 5 minutes if she continues to farm unabashed.

Her potential growth increases in a multiplicative way for every additional 'bonus gold per kill" buff on the team, such as TF's passive, or Avarice Blades Unique passive.

Suffice to say, Ashe is definitely a faster farmer than majority ADCs in the game. Last hitting encourages her passive use, and keeps her relatively safe, while awarding her enough gold to equal champion defeats.

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People used to build avarice blade on her too.

Its a viable strategy to take advantage of her passive.

There are many other viable strategies as well