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Bugs Ive found in new TT for Riot

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Im loving this new TT at the moment its a really dark twist and I hope to see some kind of 5s level. With that said I would like to try and keep this new level around by just reporting to things I believe shouldnt have happened when I was in my last match.

The first thing is when I was chasing a Shaco near his home base I clicked the enemy shop keeper and the items came up like I could purchase them. Thank science I was not allowed to or it would have been ridiculous but thats one flaw.

The second still trying to kill this Shaco he was on his main baseplate closest to the wall toward his Nexus I was immediatly on the other side and was able to see shaco and kill him. Meaning I could sit as a ranged I was playing varus, I could kill whoever was on the pad and see them sitting there. Im not sure if this is suppose to happen but it seemed uneasy to me.

Just trying to help you guys out to keep this cool new map in existance and make it balanced.

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Another one for riot to take a look at.

When jungling shyvanna I noticed that ONE TIME her Q would not proc against the wraiths. When this happened it also felt as if my other spells weren't affecting them, but I cant be sure about that. It seemed as though only my AA's were doing damage.