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My opinion on the new tt. (Short version I like it)

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Okay so all I see in the forums is "This map sucks fu riot I am quiting this game". I under stand the reasons why people don't like it but I think it is a improvement and this is why.

1. Fixed turtling, They reduced the ability to turtle for an infinite amount of time but they did not completely remove it which is nice. This prevents teams from just turtling till the enemies make a mistake and it also prevents teams from just face rolling the enemies sense it is still possible to turtle for at least a little bit. This also some come backs but it will not always be the case in every game.
2. Jungling, Now before you rage saying "they ruined jungling no buffs, no randomness it sucks now". Think about who could jungle (lee sin, mundo, shy). Only a hand full of champs could but now almost every jungler on sr can jungle on tt which adds variety and is not the same champs over and over and over. Also they made it so jungling is easier so more people can try it and the people that do it are not raged at because they are jungling. Now I do think there are some problems with the jungling mainly the no buffs but really I don't miss them because they just made tank dps champs better (slow,speed,more attack speed).
3."Viable" champs, due to the new potions and items alot of ap carries are now viable which is nice to see and due to the jungle changes more junglers are viable. Also with the changes tanky dps champs are not the only way to play.
P.S. I have more then 3 but those are the main pros to me


1. The new items, now I like the new items but holy **** are some unbalanced. Now due to the items they make some champs viable but they also make some strong champs GODS for example singed with the torch. Talk about unbalanced jesus. As for the new death cap I think it is really balanced and I like it, for the new wriggles I think it is a very niche item now sense you dont get a ward or life steal so I think it is balanced now, for the new ad caster item I find it to be balanced and I have not found a champ that can abuse it, for the blade of the ruined king I think it is unbalanced. Life steal, ad, % damage,and a drain activate all for 2825 that is a little crazy, the hatchet is pretty good RIP mundo and swain, the blue buff pot is balanced, but the red pot is where I draw the line. Okay the other items are good and have abuse cases but this stupid item makes me rage. You thought tryn back dooring was annoying well riot just made it a whole lot easier.
2. the new boss, Okay riot wtf. You make the boss stronger and harder to kill but then you make the buff you get complete worthless. Not only is it dangerous to get the buff it is not worth the effort. The only time you can get the buff is after a ace but generally not everyone is alive and no one is full hp so it is to dangerous to get spider. If you do have everyone up and at decent hp then your probably winning by quite a bit and it would be in your better interest to cap all the alters or push lanes. Also the buff wheres off by the time the enemies have respawned so there is even less of a point. I mean come on riot the alters give you a better buff.
3.The alters, Now I like the idea of them but really they just don't make twisted treeline better. What I think you should do is replaced the 2 alters with a neutral buff.
4. once again I have more but I am tired of typing and these are my main issues

To end it though I do enjoy the new map and I think it is a worthy replacement but please make the old one a custom map to shut up the babies. Thank you to all of riot for caring about the twisted treeline.
ps here come the downvotes
pss please leave your opinions in the comments just please have some reasoning not just "your stupid and gay ******" *downvotes thread*

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yeah teemo with the new blade of the ruined king is op beyond all hell.
other than that and the fps issues(which are getting fixed yeah!)
I love this new map