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New TT jungle extremely easy. Old TT plz?

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I Found Baron

Senior Member


Honestly the new TT jungle is a no brainer and the old TT jungle was good, yes it was slightly harsh but it was certainly possible and there were a few problems with the old TT like turtleing and back dooring but aside from there problems because all modes seem to have their problems in one way or another the old TT was a lot more enjoyable to me and it made sense.

Now the the new TT is released for beta there will be people who attach themselves to it which is fine but over all its hard for riot to make a decision because if they have both the new TT and the old TT is splitting the player base of 3s for the most part. and they want to consolidate their 3s player base to one or the other.

Overall I felt like riot should have just updated the visual model for the old TT but again this is just a personal opinion and now that the new TT is out I feel like the only option is to have both old and new TT playable.