Problems with the new map

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Fiery Flare

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Why is the spawn SO far away from the nexus? I know that turtling and specific comps was sometimes a problem before, but now it's TOO far away, why is it further than SR? It really makes last fights an easy rollover instead of the epic ones of before close to the spawn point. The laser threat shouldn't be completely removed from the fight at base like this.


The brush in the top and the brush at the bottom allowed for cooler ganks and more strategy, why were they removed? Now at bot you can see a ganker coming from a mile away.


There were many epic fights in the top jungle before and 1v1s etc. but now the top jungle is only used much later, as the new boss is much stronger so it's not an objective for a while anyways and that's the only objective up there. The speed and damage buffs at top were great, they shouldn't have been removed. The jungle of the top was a place of secrecy and ambushes, a place for chases and juking, and earlier action as the dragon became an objective fast.

Fighting for the buffs and trying to steal them was much more strategic and dynamic, with altars it's always just one fight in one place every time. LoL is a strategy game, it shouldn't be whoever was ahead first now wins because they got the altars. .. Also, revealing sight of them takes out the strategy and the scariness of what is lurking in the jungle.


If Riot is trying to make it more snowbally and a faster game and death-match like game instead, which contrary to popular belief is not just what TT was, it was much more, then they should know that 3v3 wasn't like this, it was more in-depth and the gameplay was more varied, and we want the old TT too, it shouldn't be completely replaced.

Many of the things that were changed were part of TT's uniqueness and the difference was what made it fun. I know the TT community was small, and you want to appeal to the SR's, but the people that only play SR will keep on playing SR only always and this new map won't really change much, just like Dominion and old TT didn't, and I loved TT for it's quirks and different gameplay, I don't want TT to be like Dominion.

Some things were kind of too unbalanced, like the thin walls esp. at dragon and the nexus too close to spawn, which many people have asked to be changed for ages, those changes were good, but Riot completely changed ALL of the gameplay of TT, even parts the TT community liked or didn't ask to be changed.

And even for the parts that are unbalanced, I think for some of us, that is what made TT special and fun anyways, all those times I've come back in epic, long TT games, or had to put in so much effort and push so hard to finally destroy the Nexus as the turtling enemy puts up a strong, seemingly impossible to crush defense and winning really feels great after all those epic battles. 3v3 already had many rollovers even before, now it's pretty much ONLY one-sided rollovers.

Maybe Riot could keep some of the changes, but not change it so drastically.

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I much prefer it to the "LOL FOUNTAIN CAMP FOR 20+ MINUTES"

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Sacred Stride

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