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My suggestions on TT

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Not pretending to be a pro here, but I have played the new TT a bit, and here's some suggestions that can make the map less rage and luck based.

Sight and Vision wards - I'm 100% with Teemo right now. It's only 3 games, but each time I've gotten over 6 kills and less than 2 deaths, so I'm easily stomping, even though I have less than 20 games with him overall in my whole career. Play him AP everytime, shrooms everywhere, enemy can't take altar without giving up vision and at least 30% of their health, and that's if you do nothing and just let them take. Rengar is also pretty tough on this map. So I propose wards, specifically to counter these champs and improve vision, which is **** on this map. TT wriggles doesn't cut it, given it's basically a cv with a nerfed cast range, it's a joke and doesn't even give lifesteal. However given the high gold output of TT, and the shorter games, the ward prices should be doubled to 150 and 250 respectively.

Change altar spawn time - I'd say either make them spawn at the start of game or 3:00. The emphasis is way too heavy on altars, and currently you basically have to teamfight (and win) right off the bat, and ignore the laning phase until after you cap at least 1 altar. If unlocked at game start, you can capture one before minions, and get some cs in lanes. If its 3:00, same thing, you can lane a bit first, then take the altar afterwards.

Change altar lock duration - To 2 minutes or more. Assassins and invisible units are dominating this map right now, and altars being such a priority doesn't help that fact, given you have to stand there for half an eternity like an idiot, with vision exposed, most likely with no vision of the surroundings. Might as well make the announcer say "gank this guy!"

Change the acceleration gate in the middle of the map to a health crystal - My personal preference. However I noticed the gate doesn't do much as it is. Getting chased? Great you get move speed boost to esca- on wait the 3 guys on the other team get the boost too. *you have been slain* A health crystal isn't perpetual, it'll help the guy who picks it up, but only that guy. Also you can time it and set up plays, at mid. The only use the current gate offers is running between altars, hence partly why so much play is focused on altars atm.

Altar resets - This idea is simple. An altar will only be under a team's control for 5 minutes, then it will reset to neutral. This will make them less snowbally, and actually give the team that has no altars a chance, since they won't be up against a perma 10% damage buff.