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Kind of dissapointed

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The very first game on the new TT caught my eyes with the ambience of the scene and all the new visuals, but some minor parts saddened me during gameplay. The fact that the shrines you capture have constant vision on them, gives away part of the strategy that could be achieved on the old TT. It's quite boring to know when and where the enemy is going to take control of shrines. Though it's very possible to do, i have yet to play a game where the full team agrees to enact a pre-minion gank that those original TT games were known for. With a few minor alterations i'm sure this new map could be improved. i had some conflict with major lag and FPS drop during team fights in a few games, i'm sure that is due to it being in beta, and i fully understand that you cannot get something perfect on the first try. i think this map has lots of potential but i miss the old TT map.