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Log out button

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Why don't you simply run a second LOL client, it will boot up and a little dialog box will tell you the client is already running and ask if you want to run it anyways, then click your X to log out of the original, then go to the bathroom, come back and hit the yes on the dialog box. All done.

I see what you are getting at. However, I do not know if that will load up, once closing the old client, with the new update. I will have to give this a try sometime. Thank you for the idea!

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I am new to LoL, and it's the first thing to annoy me about the game, is the fact that there is no log out button and/or option. I hate having to close the entire client, and then reboot just to relog.

I don't understand why this wasn't one of the first things to be implemented into the client.