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Triforce vs Frozen Mallet on Rengar?

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Junior Member


I wanted to ask which would be better? I like to build cdr on him so rest of the build is like:

cdr boots, frozen heart, BT, IE, GA... just wnt to know wht to build next trifoce or frozen mallet?

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kavinh the third

Senior Member


trinity force is so much better. Frozen mallet is a terrible item for anything outside of tanks and bruisers with no cc/engages.
trinity gives MS damage procs and a similar slow assuming u auto attack alot during ur AS steroid u shouldn't have a problem getting it off if u haven't already killed the enemy.
frozen mallet gives u like 300-400more hp and a constant slow which u honestly shouldn't need considering rengar has a built in slow already and generally nukes someone down instead of slowly torturing them.