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ummm here are some changes.

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Treeline is a small map and shouldn't last as long a 35- 48 mins, i agree. However, i feel like the only hard part about this game is the spider boss and capture points to earn gold+ dmg output.

The minions, poor minions i dont even need to last it minions because i get them all anyways... their armor is to low for the speed of the game.

The towers, poor towers they should get buffed for this game speed maybe something like a lvl over time thing... like the towers lvl as the game progresses: by armor,hp, dmg, and range. This make the tower more like the before twisttreeline
~if you keep them the saame as the old one then they need to be better to fit the new game speed: our gold rate is high and we can still get gp10s.

The Inhibitors, poor inhib's they should have increased armor and hp to balance out with the towers early, mid, and late game.

And by 15-20 mins if your fed all you want to do is not die so the other team don't snowball your base cuz they are lvl 18 as well. I suggest you lower the gold gain from alters to 2 gold per kill and the dmg from 2 alters two 7 ad and 7 ap and the atk spd should be removed.

Removal of atk spd from alters becasue "spider boss" gives an attack speed boost the alter dont need to give extra this is why theres maybe one "spider boss" kill a game. This will cause for more "spider boss" kills.

The game setup, the upper lvl spawn is a bit high in my opinion. This is to prevent turtling right? but, it is to high up preventing turtling yes but, also comebacks. So, lower the height and move the stairs closer to our nexus..
I say this because in my 5s' experience im able to come back alive and push the enemy off of my nexus and get my team turn the game around.
~ This game should last to about 24- 35mins as my best estimate.
Please take some time on changes to the items so theres a counter-item/build against all types of team compositions.

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I have found that any game that last long is because of a trolling ****** bag who refuses to surrender. For some reason i keep playing encouraging him to say no when in reality i can run in circles in the nexus and wait for the inevitable loss. Surrender needs to succeed from now on when its 2/1.