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Cosmic Gaming Tournaments

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cB Zorn



Cosmic Gaming Tournaments

Hey guys, Cosmic Gaming is a new organization I have always wanted to start and have just now decided to start. I am looking to run tournaments for League of Legends players of all skill levels on a weekly basis. A basic website should be up within the next day or so at http://www.cosmictournaments.com. Also you can like the facebook page if you would at http://www.facebook.com/CGtournaments.

Some Information:
I plan to host free tournaments weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly to start.

There will also be "elo capped" tournaments for casual and rising teams to join that will have a maximum elo of 1500.

Eventually there will be entry fee tournaments for players who want to gamble on their skills.


If you have a 5s team interested in competing in a 16 man tournament that will be on a week-end. Possibly a test tournament this weekend 10/27/12-10/28/12 if I can get enough teams to want to play for fun at first.

*Note this is just an un-official post to get the word out about Cosmic Gaming Tournaments

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Mirai Lotus

Senior Member


lol, our team is called Cosmic gaming