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My Opinion on the New TT

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Hi guys! Just some initial thoughts, questions, and opinions on the new Twisted Treeline. Hope to get your input and feedback.

Intial Thoughts
Not much to say here and I believe it has all already been said. I love it! It's a very fun map. I love that there's more objectives that you have to keep in mind when playing. Is the enemy altar locked? Is ours locked? Do we steal or push the tower? Go for Vilemaw? Makes it much more intense IMHO and discourages turtling.

Here's what I really want to address. Just some initial thoughts and concerns that I've come up with in the very few games that I've played.

1. Altars and Recalling
Noticed that Altars can be captured while the champion is recalling. Also happens that the Recall time is very very close to the capture time for the Altar? Is this intended? I know it encourages sneak/retreat capturing, but it seems a little bit...cheesy? Is that the word? Idk. Just a thought.

2. Vile Maw
First, he looks lonely. Upper map is deserted apart from him. Seems like a lot of wasted real estate up there for just "little" old VileMaw. Love that fact that VileMaw doesn't die, but retreats. Adds to the feeling that he'll be back for more later on, unlike Nashor that dies over and over again just to res. Here's the question: VileMaws web shoot extends to the most of the area of his lair. Does the web pull in only the team that is in range and that has aggro? Or will it pull in the enemy team as well if they are in range?

3. Blackfire Torch
Love this item. Packs so much more punch to your spells after you've had enough sustain with Catalyst and enough gold from the Pick. But question: Does the passive proc every tick on DOT spells or just once (i.e Malzahar's Malefic Visions)? How about with Fiddlestick's Dark Wind? Does it proc every time it bounces onto a champion?

Thanks guys!