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Don't play TT

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Since Riot probably wont listen to what we have to say about the new map because we are not 2300 ELO or play on a big named ranked teams we can try this...

Riot said they will be watching or looking at the games that take place on the new TT and see what changed need to be made from there. Not what we as a community think is wrong about it.

The best way to go around that is to not play the map at all. If no one plays the map at all maybe they will change it back. If we all stop playing it, the only ones left playing are the brainless hamsters that like that poor excuse of a map. If no one plays it they will be able to tell no one likes it and will fix their horrible mistake.

I'm not a hater by any means. The new map is absolutely gorgeous even on low graphics settings. Its is beautiful honestly. However, The sad fact is that beauty is not everything when it comes to gaming. A game with impeccable graphics is only as good as the game play and in this case its a train wreak.

I never usually played the old TT but i did every now and again. I will never play the new TT. I personally think it is horrible. No reason for me to go into details because you can find them in every other single post on the TT forum. I don't think i say a single one on how good the map is.

For those people who hate the new map such as I, lets try something new and vow to never play on it. If you agree just bump and maybe we can get something accomplished.

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sad joke is sad, man.