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Store Issue

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William III

Junior Member


I know there are countless Store error threads out there, but I have not seen my specific problem in any of those threads.

Whenever I try to go to the Store, one of two things happens. One, my Launcher just crashes and I am forced to start a new session. The other half the time I would get a black screen for an indefinite amount of time. It just doesn't come up, I have left it on for 30+ minutes waiting for the actual store to come up and nothing appears.

I realize that the store itself will most likely fix itself, and was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same difficulties as I am.

If it means anything, I just fresh installed the game.

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i dont get the crashing, but my store also comes up as a black screen, and stays that way indefinitely. i havent fresh installed, but i've reset both the client, and my machine several times to no affect.

double sad face