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My 3v3 impressions/thoughts

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I understand that there is a lot of mixed feedback coming back about the new update for 3v3, and my feedback probably won't be appreciated by the general consensus, but I'll voice my opinion anyway (hoping for some intelligent responses). There are so many problems with the new Twisted Treeline (imo), which is literally causing it to live up to it's name; TT.

All the game has turned into is a mini form of Dominion. Laning is almost non-existent, as all the teams (that I've seen) focus on now is a early-game burst/late game tankiness combo, and gank the Altars non stop. Jungling is next to useless for an AP jungler such as Fiddlesticks/Amumu/Mao, because they, or anyone similar are always outclassed early game/mid game (even with the extra starting gold) by some other bruiser or burst. XP/Gold gain for an AP jungler is far too slow for them to keep up to an AD jungler anymore, let alone having to duel them if you meet up with them in jungle.

I understand that the T.T. experience is a lot more fast paced than any other game mode, but this is madness. (inb4 this is Sparta).

Please keep in mind that this isn't a *****fest, and I would appreciate some intelligent responses and feedback.

The position of the walls on the Altars; you are unable to see any enemies coming from the opposite Nexus side, but the enemies can see you when you're capping an Altar at all times. So now, what use is the jungler in this case? He can't stealth-cap the altar, causing the altar to be one of two things; a 3 man cap (pausing the game) or a fight forcing move in the game (forcing the enemy team to also leave lane and follow you to the Altar that they can already see you at, target you and have the clear advantage.

At the start of every 3v3 game, the same thing happens. The (tanker) enemy team always rushes to the opposite altar, caps yours after the kill one of your team mates, go cap their own, then they are at a huge advantage, snowballing in uncontrollably through the game. Don't get me wrong here, I'm no noob at this game, and I was certainly no noob at the old 3v3. However, even when things are done to counter this starting game strategy, such as ganking them on the way to the Altar, the tankier team always comes out on top.

I just feel as though the map is so much less sneaky, so much more restrictive in champion choice, and so much less fun. The entire enemy team is constantly in the jungle if they notice there is a jungler in the game, and even there isn't, no one is worried about going in the jungle anymore. I miss the feeling of "I don't want to go in the jungle, they could have wards and all move to our position" or "I don't want to venture solo into the jungle, I'll lose too much XP or the jungler could kill me.". Now, it seems as though everyone's in the jungle 3x more than the lanes.

I miss Fiddlesticks/Amumu (AP junglers in general) being scary, I miss the jungle being scary, and truthfully, I miss the old Twisted Treeline.

AP Junglers are no longer viable
The best/general strategy is now an entire team roam/early pushing
The starting game strategy is always cap enemy altar
The jungle is more populated than the lanes
Perma-vision of the Altars is game-breaking
The tankier your team is = Victory

I would appreciate some thought out responses and opinions in reply to this post. Hope this provoked some thoughts about how the New 3v3 map works.

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I really don't understand why Riot included the altars and the speed buff when no one who played previously before called for any of those. The jungle and mid are change I understand. The base change and changing dragon as well as getting rid of wriggles. But really those buffs and altars pretty much ruin what could have been an amazing map and all for what? Trying to attract new players to this map. Watch everyone leave to SR just like they did to Dominion.

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I Found Baron

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Your TL;DR is correct, i agree with what you have said also lee sin dominates on this map with his early level one q dmg. if you can get both points capped early and if you manage to get some kills and zone your lane you can snowball really hard in that 90 seconds.