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Understanding the Tribunal

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then why was i premabanned lyte? im not a jerk i might use a bit of language but i do my best in every game
my card http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribun.../6046303/#nogo

Bazooka Blade:
in those 5 games he showed all 9 steps of the summoners code even when his team didnt. so i guess even if you follow the summoners code you still get banned
and he got premaban for it good one riot if you know the tribunal is not prefect then you should be lifting the bans from the people you wronged!

I. Support your Team

jumpingknife [All] [00:30:33] well i tryed my best to carry this bad team

Tristana [00:30:44] thats the problem

Gangplank [00:30:48] u did good voli

Tristana [00:30:50] u cant carry cause u played support

Gangplank [00:30:52] u 2 trist

Tristana [00:30:53] and yes
Tristana [00:30:56] u did good

II. Drive Constructive Feedback

Tristana [00:21:11] we lost
Tristana [00:21:13] teemo so feed

Rengar [00:21:16] zyra and teemo is good

jumpingknife [00:21:18] no

Tristana [00:21:20] and they play with brain

jumpingknife [00:21:27] just look at your maps and follow me

Rengar [00:21:27] man gp as idiot pick

Gangplank [00:23:00] drag in one minute
Gangplank [00:23:16] rengar comne bot
Gangplank [00:23:18] ---

jumpingknife [00:23:49] did you not see that *****
jumpingknife [00:24:17] gj
jumpingknife [00:24:31] pulll it

III. Facilitate Civil Discussion

jumpingknife [00:20:30] all you did poppy was watch and do nothing bot for me was a 2 on 1

Poppy [00:20:44] because you miss e
Poppy [00:20:47] and go in on both of them

Olaf [00:20:56] wow shes so fed
Olaf [00:21:08] reprot draven

Poppy [All] [00:21:11] report draven for intentionally feeding

jumpingknife [All] [00:21:25] i didnt die that time and i got a kill

Lee Sin [All] [00:21:33] woo carry all the way

Poppy [00:21:45] 6 intentional deaths overstate 1 ks
Poppy [00:21:54] sorry, 7 intentional deaths

jumpingknife [00:22:06] i wouldnt of died if u had help

Poppy [00:22:12] yeah
Poppy [00:22:18] but instead you fight before the help gets there
Poppy [00:22:28] and die by the time anything can happen

Lee Sin [00:23:09] wat another kil
Lee Sin [00:23:13] we geting carried now

Poppy [00:23:17] how did draven get that
Poppy [00:23:29] i was hitting sivir after draven suicided on nunu
Poppy [00:23:46] besides draven who is voting no

Olaf [00:24:07] not me

jumpingknife [00:24:08] why are you going to troll them 2?

Poppy [00:24:25] just disapointed

IV. Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else’s Expense.

he made playful jabs in all his games but he never went over board worst jab was

Miss Fortune [00:13:16] get wards
Miss Fortune [00:13:24] GET WARDS
Miss Fortune [00:13:26] OMG

jumpingknife [00:13:30] noob?

Miss Fortune [00:13:34] YES U ARE

jumpingknife [00:13:36] new to season
jumpingknife [00:13:44] ruby stone has 3 wards
jumpingknife [00:13:57] see nub

Ryze [00:14:29] sigh

Miss Fortune [00:14:30] GOD

Ryze [00:14:30] this team

Miss Fortune [00:14:33] THIS TEAM
Miss Fortune [00:14:34] SUCK
Miss Fortune [00:14:37] U SUCK RYZE

Ryze [00:14:40] bro
Ryze [00:14:42] are u even watching?

V. Build Relationships

Tristana [00:04:58] well gj

Twisted Fate [00:05:03] mid mia

jumpingknife [00:05:20] thank u
jumpingknife [00:05:31] exhaust and my ghost are down
jumpingknife [00:06:22] take it easy last hit them

Tristana [00:06:33] man u need to let me get the kills

jumpingknife [00:06:40] now cait can farm 0.0

Twisted Fate [00:06:41] mid mia

jumpingknife [All] [00:07:20] bear trap
jumpingknife [All] [00:07:25] :P

VI. Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat

jmpingknife [All] [00:30:17] poppy you really want to lose dont you

Poppy [00:30:19] i setup two kills

Olaf [00:30:23] your right the 0-7 is
Olaf [00:30:25] my fault.
Olaf [00:30:29] how could o forget that

Poppy [00:30:38] you realize that we are behind
Poppy [00:30:40] i can't not die

Olaf [00:30:41] ****i ntrolls this game

Sivir [All] [00:30:54] gg wp

Dr. Mundo [All] [00:30:57] gg

Poppy [All] [00:30:58] worst ADC NA

Even in his worst game getting bashed by a trolling poppy for 40 mins he didnt lose his cool i would be on a cursing rage if i was jumpingknife

VII. Be Resolute, not Indignant

Poppy [00:24:38] everyone has seen you play, so im assuming they know we can't win
Poppy [00:24:56] rushed LW LOLOLOL

Olaf [00:25:05] just report
Olaf [00:25:07] thats it.

Ahri [00:25:34] uh oh

Olaf [00:25:58] who keeps saying no.

Lee Sin [00:26:04] who else would it be

jumpingknife [All] [00:26:08] report poppy plz

Poppy [00:26:22] for going 2-8?

jumpingknife [00:26:30] well at least im trying to win

Poppy [00:26:37] you know kdrs are next to their summoner picture on the score screen right?

Lee Sin [00:26:38] LOL

Poppy [00:26:46] oh is that winning
Poppy [00:26:47] gotcha
Poppy [00:26:50] good thing too
Poppy [00:26:57] because we have a trolling draven on our team

jumpingknife [All] [00:27:11] poppy calling me the troll
jumpingknife [All] [00:27:22] a support poppy calling me the troll oohh

Ahri [00:27:23] ouch
Ahri [00:27:26] singed is annoying

Lee Sin [All] [00:27:27] draven dont try to do that

Poppy [All] [00:27:30] hahaha

Lee Sin [All] [00:27:31] you have last whisper

Poppy [All] [00:27:40] you started by 1v2ing and complaining i didn't help

jumpingknife [All] [00:27:43] its the only thing i could buy

Poppy [00:27:53] because youdont know how the shop works?

jumpingknife [All] [00:27:54] they all have armor over 60

VIII. Leave No Newbie Behind!

Jax [00:01:12] I've been to 1k elo and back

jumpingknife [00:01:31] jax im warding and giving you a lvl 1 gank

Jax [00:01:37] ah kk, ty
Jax [00:01:44] can't do much with the gank though

jumpingknife [00:01:46] play like normal
jumpingknife [00:01:58] stun and exhaust bro
jumpingknife [00:02:02] yeah

IX. Lead by Example

jumpingknife [00:19:32] i just kept pinging malz no one shows

Diana [00:19:34] **** YOU GUSY
Diana [00:19:38] YOIU ****ING SUCK
Diana [00:19:57] 3-10
Diana [00:19:59] awesome work
Diana [00:20:09] this is why i just play my lane

jumpingknife [00:20:10] bad team work

Diana [00:20:15] because ****tards won't mess it up

jumpingknife [00:20:15] and your not helping

you guys can learn alot from jumpingknife he is 4 times the player then alot of you he might not win all his games but at least he will be there for you if you knows your trying your best doesnt matter if you messed up the game and went 0/10/4 if you tryed your best he would just tell you


jumpingknife [00:39:47] o well cait we gave bot lane a good run

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No one reads the Tribunal, just like Riot won't read this thread. I spent a good 10 minutes reviewing Tribunal cases for the first time before I realized that 99% of them were just "Verbal Abuse" cases or something to do with inter-player scuffles. Nothing to do with what's actually important: THE FREAKING GAME.

I came to this forum in the hopes of making a thread about possibly changing the rules to tweak the Tribunal to be a little more fair... but...

There's no reason, and I can see that. I might honestly just stop playing LoL. Myself and my friends. Why play a game that can take 2 years worth of progress and just shatter it in minutes? All because people wanted to reap the rewards of the Tribunal.

That might mean nothing to Riot, but hopefully it means something to the players. They won't change anything if we don't change first.

That's true.
I played from Beta on my original account. I trolled on that one. I deserved that ban. This account I did lots of tribunal cases and lots of player helpfulness stuff, I taught others how to play and got them involved. Guess what. Permabanned this one too. Gg.

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i dont know how is this working today i notice that i report for 10 time this week one gyu who always, every game harras you with his partner, casue they are premade, but they only harras me, so i report them, but why for? if they keep playin every days at the same hour, this game is becoming annoying with ppl like this, how usefull could be read: well ***** my ****, or **** on every line??? and weeks ago i have been baned for one single game where my conection broke and i have been reproted, so??? must i response to those who harras me?? ignore them (my list is around 200 player ignored)?? pelase give me any solution, those reiterative players must have a permanent bann or something like that

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This tribunal system is so ****ing broken its disgusting. Time and time again i end up putting money into this game, and i get banned cause some ****** bag wanted to start a verbal fight w me and then asks enemy team to report. Its pathetic that i can get banned in 2 accounts in 1 week. Not only do i enjoy this game i waste money on it and to get banned is hilarious especially with the case email they sent you where they show the person who reported you cursing you out. ITS HILARIOUS AND PATHETIC HOW BROKEN THIS PIECE OF **** TRIBUNAL IS. I was unable to find any contact information regarding this and i wonder why. I would love a riot member to go through this case with me just to here the dumbass accusations you guys came up with. I got someone reporting me after they called me a ****er noob, and you have proof of him saying it in the case. Shouldn't you ignore a report from someone who's talking like that, instead of banning the person that was harassed. Its complete ****ing bull**** and you get banned by the amount of reports no matter the case. Its about quantity in this fail tribunal and no quality. Gaurantee you'll never see a dime from me again and you can keep helping the trolls of the game. Pathetic pathetic pathetic u got trolls in ranked games w 3 smites and i get banned for returning trash talk. **** YOU

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Lately, I've been receiving a lot of e-mails about the same questions and complaints about the Tribunal. I'm working with WookieCookie, RiotSeb and statuskwoh to add these to the Tribunal FAQs but we would love to discuss them here first.

1) What's the point of having a language filter if I can get banned for 'adult' language?
a) We aren't out to punish players who use adult language; in fact, very few players are ever banned for saying stuff like "f***, I missed that skill shot" or "damn, f***ing close game!" However, the language filter is not an excuse to verbally abuse someone in the game. When you verbally abuse or harass someone by calling them "f***ing ******" or "n*gger noob", that's when you've crossed the line and will be punished by the Tribunal. I've said this before and I'll say it again, we aren't trying to clean online games of adult language; we're trying to reform or get rid of jerks who like to verbally abuse and harass other players.

2) I only have 1 bad game in my Tribunal Reform Card, why am I banned???
a) The Tribunal verdict is not based on a 'majority' rule; there is also no requirement that all games have to be toxic for it to warrant a suspension. Depending on the case, sometimes 1 game is all that is needed to show that the player deserves a suspension. To Tribunal reviewers, decisions like these are up to you. When you view a Tribunal case, the questions you should ask yourselves are, "Is this player's behavior appropriate in League of Legends?" and "Would I want to play with this player?"

3) This player should have been banned, but he was pardoned. The Tribunal is broken!
a) The Tribunal was inspired by 'crowdsourcing' research. When I was still a student, I worked with labs that developed games such as "Foldit" that took advantage of crowdsourcing to find solutions to extremely tricky tasks--when you read this research you truly appreciate how accurate crowdsourcing systems can be. In fact, the Tribunal is far more accurate than traditional Player Support.

However, the Tribunal isn't perfect. The design is based on statistical probability and random sampling and every system like this has outliers. This means that sometimes, a player has an egregious Tribunal case but is still pardoned because he happened to get a lenient set of voters; however, if the player is truly toxic, he actually is re-sent back to the Tribunal in a handful of games and is usually accurately punished in his second visit to the Tribunal.

Because the Tribunal is designed to identify frequency and consistency of toxic behavior, this is why it doesn't take into account the severity of the offense. If a player is extremely toxic he will quickly get banned multiple times by the Tribunal until he is permabanned; in fact, extremely toxic players end up permabanned significantly faster than players who are 'less severe.' In the future, we may want to brainstorm ways to improve on the Tribunal so that it does take into account severity and adjusts punishments accordingly... but we're not there yet.

4) That player in my game was far worse than me. Why am I banned???
a) I'll keep this one simple: retaliation isn't OK. Reacting to a toxic player by being toxic just incites that player to be even worse--it also ruins the game for up to 8 other players. It is far, far worse to watch two people yelling at each other all game than it is to watch 1 player ranting into blank space. Almost everyone in the game can find someone out there that behaves worse than they do--but so what? Finding someone worse doesn't justify your behavior or justify retaliation. We expect more out of our players. What players often don't realize is... those other players in your game that you thought were worse? Nearly 100% of the time, those players were banned even before you were. If someone is being toxic, just report them and move on. If you retaliate, both of you will be banned. It's really that simple.

5) Low skill players should be banned from the game! The Tribunal should only ban Leavers/AFK and intentional feeders, those are the only types of players that really ruin games!
a) No. Just no. Jerks ruin games. League of Legends is for everyone whether they are 500 Elo or 2500 Elo. It's not a game for jerks.

----This is all true, but what about the people who troll or do not care to win. Isn't the point of a game is winning while having fun. If people are intentionally losing and at the end of the game report a player like me for being rude to them because I am asking for more in the game then a troll....I really do not understand, like everyone is saying it is broken. I have judge 10 cases and only 1 proved to be bad eve after all the others had bad and hurtful attitudes. Look we cant see what goes on in the game so it really makes it unfair if we are only attacking the verbal abuse mainly. All of my tribunals have been off verbal abuse and in most cases I cant help it and I am sorry but in all honesty I only get mad when I see really ridiculous things happening like trolling and feeding and in which case I am trying to use my wisdom to help and the first thing i get is to shut up or ill report you. This tribunal thing has become a way to get back at players for no reason. I still feel like the whole system is bias and before you go and ban my account why don't you actually watch my match. But sadly only pros get to be watched?

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First, keep it constructive.

Secondly, I have no idea why people assume having a Tribunal is 'cheaper' for Riot. It's more expensive. We still have a full Player Support team that reviews Tribunal cases and we also have a full development team that has to maintain the Tribunal and develop new features for it.

If you want to argue about the Tribunal, let's have a discussion about it. Randomly saying it is cheaper or it's about money is basically the opposite of the truth.

So why not get rid of the tribunal entirely and let the support team manage what needs to be managed.
I don't like the idea of children being able to hit punish for whatever they want and if enough other children agree with that child then it goes on to you, I would like to see Riot enforce real rules and not ban just because enough megalomaniacs clicked punish for "GG noobs"

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Bahamut Zero



First, keep it constructive.

Secondly, I have no idea why people assume having a Tribunal is 'cheaper' for Riot. It's more expensive. We still have a full Player Support team that reviews Tribunal cases and we also have a full development team that has to maintain the Tribunal and develop new features for it.

If you want to argue about the Tribunal, let's have a discussion about it. Randomly saying it is cheaper or it's about money is basically the opposite of the truth.

bwahahahahahahahahaahahaha kids buy cheap lies i guess. ive typed lighter lies then that and have been banned lmao

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Jewels Winfield

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Ok that is a total lie. How is it more expensive for you to allow others to do your job. THis is a joke. You got to be kidding. That is economically impossible. It is. You allow others to do jobs you the company should be doing yourselves. So are you saying you spend more money than BLizzard ratio wise not actual because we know who wins that hands down. So what you are saying is that you spend more than blizzard with the tribunal when you have noooooooooooooooo customer support in the game to even tlak to a person about your ban? Please enlighten me how this process is more expensive because im not a part of your company but just through logic there is no way its more expensive explain how its more expensive. Than having people read the cases and decide them without the tribunal because that is impossible and now you really are lying.

Please see value of goods.

Note that not all employees are paid the same.

Please see managing a large database, then tack on a huge amount of money for making it a statistical database. Then add the resources necessary for a dev team and testing.

Innovating and managing a system like this isn't cheap, because it's difficult to do and the people that can aren't cheap. That's not riot's fault. See market price.

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I have a question, if someone has several perma banned accounts will Riot ban their IP? just has a horrid game where our mid had the foulest mouth and trolled the whole game through. He bragged that he has several perma banned accounts. Wondering if there was a way that riot could permanently exterminate these players from the community.

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I have a question.Once your case is in tribunal..lots of players are choosing an option.The case and the option are reviewed by riot staff ?..or if the players decides to punish,riot will instant punish?
I mean some people can just go and decide randomly,doesn`t care about chat or score or w/e..just hit a button.If is like that i don`t think its fair