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My Feedback

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The new TT is fun, but it as a whole, a lot of the strategy was removed in favor of tactics that require a quick reaction. Ideas that sound good on paper don't feel right in action, and it's not as if it's Riot's fault; there are a ridiculous amount of variables that they can't possibly account for.

Let's start with what's good.

1. The new art, voices and the map in general are superb. It's a really fun place to look at and be in.

2. The pace of the game is quick, and it's fun.

3. Games can be short, perfect for a casual pick-up game.

What needs to be improved:

1. The new jungle as-is does not provide enough incentive for the player to deliberately think to one's self "I need to hold down their jungle." Players are worried too much about things at one moment in order to take a "breather" to kill wolves, golems, wraiths.

2. Altars suck in too much attention to the player. It may be satisfying to cap the second altar after you take out two of the enemy team members, but you often see too much hovering around those points. The lanes are deserted more often than not.

3. The lack of wards severely gimps a lot of strategic play. There needs to be a solution to this, because I feel this is TT's biggest problem. The new lantern simply isn't enough. Perhaps introduce a limit to wards, cut their time on the field, make oracles cheaper, *something* needs to be done.

Thanks for the read.