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Enough with the haters -- I love the new TT -- Shadow Isles Map!

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Mr Mystical

Senior Member


I've seen so many hate posts on the new TT map I thought it time for some love posts! I think it's just because it's about change -- just like new maps that happen in games like BF3 or COD, everyone rages because they don't have all their little camping spots figured out and well -- it's change and most of us don't like change. BUT -- I LOVE THIS MAP!

Stop for a minute and think about all the wonderful detail, the mist, that awesome music -- the magical altars, AND dat spider and buff icon. OMG this map just tops all the other LoL maps by far. The cool ability to see under some of the map areas in almost 3D type look and the nice layout of the jungle. All spot on!

I didn't much care for TT before --- it was boring -- but this remake will have me playing way more 3 on 3 games on this map. I think once you all take the time to play on it and work with it you will really enjoy it. Yes, it's new and it's change and you have to learn a bit more with the new items but that's what keeps LoL fresh and challenging. I sure hope there are more of you that will post up that do like this map.


PS. I do agree though that Twisted Treeline no longer fits as a name for this map -- Shadow Isles is more in line with it's entire look and feel.