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@Riot: My only issue is the Altars

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I have tried out the new TT map. I love it but the Altars make it feel weird. My reasoning behind this feeling is that I feel that fights are more centered in controlling Altars then ganking or fighting to take the tower down. Oh to be clear... I don't have a problem with the speed boost Altar.

1. The timing of the Altar is 1 minute and 30 secs before you can capture it. Cool for the start of the game.... but its like that through out the game.

Means you have a minute to control lane before thinking to fight at Altar. May not be all the time but something to think about.

My wish would be to remove the Altars and put a mini boss in its place or the Altars need a longer grace period.

2. Increase the Altar lock Time to 3 minutes.

That way there is more grace time to gank and control lane. I do feel to control the lane phase to be short until your hold up near base but that is my Opinion. I say 3 minutes to give Altars a little more meaning to the game then every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

If any Red decides to comment on this Thread... I say Thank You!!!!