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1make areas cant be warded,2change the way altar works

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Super Shaco Bot




whoever gets an early lead in the game gets to faceroll the other team because of the altar buff ,,i thnik riot should just change the way altar works
exp, one team can only control 1 altar but can lock the other one for like 30 seconds

i know it would kill the fun when the center is warded, but you dont have to completely remove the wards, making heores like teemo, cait, nidalee contribute too much to the team than they normally should,,and gaining too much advantage than the other team,,
you can just make areas that cant be warded(like anywhere near the center),or reduce wards sight area or whatever,,,
the problem goes more obvious when you're losing, you cant even go out to farm or even try to take one altar back cause there might be 3 nenemies in any bush near the altar