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The solution to TT ward issues: Fly on the wall

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2 Hours Ago
I get it, wards are handy;however, wards have longgg since been annoyingly "overpowered" on that map. Over powered in the sense that 75 gold makes it near impossible for 90% of champions of effectively gank any lane due to how the map is set up. It made twisted tree line very stale and is one of the main reasons i dropped the map once i got to a level where people warded consistently

I can see where people are coming from when they express distress with the new TT being totally wardless and a lot of it has to do with vile maw. Yes there is the nifty little vision attached to the new lantern which has the absurdly low cost of 200 gold; however, its not very reliable. Not being able to ward the middle jungle is great because it allows BOTH teams jungles to do their job more efficiently and frankly, a blind middle jungle adds a lot of excitement to the game imo

again the trouble seems to be with vile maw, in that either team can waltz up and take it in secret whenever they please. This is annoying for a couple reasons, one of which being that baron/dragon fights were FUN. It was a race against the clock if you were doing old dragon when you knew you had walked past a ward to do so, can you finish in time? Can you fight the enemy team if they try to stop you, if you are the team racing towards dragon, can you get there in time?

It was a nice part of the game that is lost without wards. So my suggestion to you is to create a ward that can be placed ONLY in vilemaws nest. It is a chance to make it something unique and cool as well, a fly. Instead of placing a boring green ward in the nest, the champion would release a small fly(or any bug) that would get caught in the web where it would remain and grant small vision of vilemaws nest until it was eventually eaten by the giant spider.

TLDR: Wards, but only in vilemaws nest, bug shaped, with a smaller vision radius