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Just Terrible

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Wow why would you remove wards? Completely remove tactical play now it just just hide in a bush and wait for them to walk around the corner. And the new alter bull**** is dumb. it turns the game from a tower game to a lets protect the alters WITHOUT WARDS! No vision is just so stupid i cannot fathom why anyone would suggest that.

With this current "beta" version of the map is just ridiculous. I enjoyed playing the old version of the map and now it is completely gone. A break from summers rift is now inpossible besides a ARAM or two.

I cannot be the only person here who is aggravated at this. With Wards i feel this would be a decent map, but without them anyone with vision based skills (teemo, Nidalee, ect..) are overpowered to holy hell and the gap closers got a huge buff in the fact that there is no way to keep your distance without playing over-passive and that wont win you the game if they do the exact same thing.

The TLDR of this post, Make wards available in this game mode or i am not going to play it and most likely many other people as well.

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Or thing of new ways to bait somone out of a bush.
Don't just throw your hands up and leave, develop a strategy!