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i love this keep it up

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I love this new map and instead of posting on countless other threads i'm making it known here. This map is boss. It has everything i would want for the old twisted tree line. It breaks the mold. the old twisted tree line was a smaller summoners rift, that was unbalanced, old, out dated. even the jungle didn't have the new jungle updates to summoners.

The Alters make this map more interesting. theres more to worry about then just towers minions and dragons. there is more to consider. It requires much more skill and cordination to maintain a good map controll. If anything it makes it an over all better competative setting. I feel there are some tweeks that can go in place. but not complete removal.

The spider boss is awsome. nuff said.

The shorter game pace and the extra starting gold awsome.

The updated graphics are nice. The old twisted tree line looked like a turd.

Overall the new items and taking away some of the OP items on the map made this more balanced. it still needs a few tweeks here or there, but this is beta, nothing is finalized, and they are really good about keeping up maintaince on balance.

I no longer feel as if i can just pick one champion and become unkillable. (there is a difference here if u get fed o.O)

I love this new map, i don't want to see it go anywhere. I wish to see your opions as to why i am wrong. But all i've seen is hardcore fan boys fearing change, and mad because they can no longer face roll with unbalanced champion's and items. They can't adapt to a new enviroment where there is somthing more then to just face roll minions to win.

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bump. Maps just fine!