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Return the old twisted tree line & keep the new one

Yes, it is the map I love & the people who love the new TT can enjoy that map. 3 100%
No I hate the old Twisted treeline, love the new, & I want to compromise so everyone can be happy. 0 0%
Voters 3 .

Please don't take away our lives with new TT

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Dear Riot,

I may just be a ordinary memember of League or legends, but I like many other LoL players do not like the new Twisted treeline at all.

Valid points:

There is alot of time dealt dealing with the Alters.

Squishy character don't have a chance to farm and level because they need to participate in team fights to defend / take alters.

It messes with everyone's build, and our normall items were replaced with bad, less damage delt items.

To many bushes.

It is very offensive to religious people who play league who don't believe in "golems, and a goddess"

Its very offensive to people who don't like dark and dirty things such as halloween typed themes and spiders.

There are many other reason.

I like MY OLD TWISTED TREELINE SO MUCH for some of these reasons:

I think it has amazing ideas and graphic detail.

If your team is winning the game it lets you have the privacy to farm in a upper jungle; as well as if your behind catch up without getting instantly killed because people switching lanes for ganks.

It is less competative and gives me a chance to try out other chartaters with still being in a close personal intimate map so I have my turrets closely there to protect me.

It is purposely designed for 3 vs 3 people and not nessarly for purposes of a jungle which is fun, and also helpful to new players.

Its easy to understand.

Just please give Twisted treeline back, me and my friends dont want to play anymore if its not return. So please.....

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Senior Member


I really hope this was a troll post