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Linear Treeline?

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I feel like the new "Twisted" Treeline has become linear with the new changes. I love the idea, and I'll play the **** out of it, I'm sure, but... I just feel like it's too linear.

In Dominion, you have 5 spots, leading for a very strategic concept. This isn't Dominion.

In old Treeline you had 3 buffs and a super buff (Dragon). Very control-based. This isn't that, either.

Now, all it is, is you have both altars, or you have neither. Your fighting over TWO objectives the whole game that really don't contribute a whole lot. It's 3s, so the game doesn't go on very long, so you never have time for those 10%s to really count in. First off, 10% AD and 10% AP are VERY different. Considering it's easier to get higher numbers of AP than it is AD, it's difficult to understand why it's 10% AD and 10% AP... I would think something like 20% AD

Next is the objectives themselves. Why are there only 2? You get an ace, you get both. If you have more players on the field than the other team, you get both. Simple as that. There's no way to stop them from getting the zones whilst they have the advantage. You can only let them have it, and wait the 90 seconds to reclaim it. Also, the gold bonus per kills doesn't stack with the altars, so why get more than one? I mean, the % buffs are nice to have, but really not worth the hassle unless you got a gank off and are able to plop yourself down on that pad and afk the cap-timer. No one will oppose you 3v2.

I feel like this map has lost all sense of strategy, and is just a series of one-sided advantages that lead to more advantages. There is no real way to NOT snowball. It's whoever gets ganked first, or whoever messes up first pretty much lost the game. It's like classic Twisted Treeline first blood syndrome. You lose first blood in that useless bush fight at the start for no reason, then you lose the game because you've allowed them to snowball too effectively. This is just gamewide, rather than the first five minutes.

So it's not your team running around TRYING to control the game. It's your team running around and waiting for the enemy team to screw up, or for your team to screw up, and you've instantly conquered the game for 90 seconds. Then the process repeats itself. That's not strategy, or a game. That's waiting.

I also remember being told this was to eradicate the tank meta if possible. What's to stop me from getting a Blitzcrank, a Maokai, and a Singed/Nautilus to sit their asses down on that pad, and just hold it like it's never been held before? There's no way to force them off. I could get a Janna to move them maybe, but it wouldn't save me from the grab chain-cc that will follow. xD In such a case even 3v3 would be silly to oppose them. Just with the comp, if they stick together they effectively control the map. It's not like the cap timer gives you enough time to push a lane.

IMO, add a third altar somewhere. Above Vilemaw, above top lane, below bot lane, I don't know. I just don't think that there is enough tactic involved in this system.

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Yeah, for the new TT I felt it was mostly us fighting over the Altars more than actual pushing and strategy.

And unlike in domion where having the control points the game would end it just goes on forever.

Anyway why is it called Twisted Treeline, the paths are very wide and easy to move through from one place to another without much troubles. In the old I at least had to move back to my area if I wanted to gank but the middle jungle is just so easy to get to now.