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3v3 Team Comp Game

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Lethal Loki

Senior Member


Im having a hard time incorporating new ideas into the new map so I wanted to make a thread to garner a sort of mass hive mind perspective but in a form that will be fun. I will provide a team comp (multiple actually), and you will attempt to create a counter-comp. Create your own comps, judge others, or challenge, it is up to you.

The rules are as follows:
1) Respect above all else, disrespect someone or their opinion (this is not to say do not critique) and it merits a downvote
2) Be sensible, someone elses well thought out team comp will have a weakness. The idea is to feel like your team at least matches your opponents in strength (in all its aspects) obvious trolls merit downvote, unless you troll with class.
3) You may challenge anyone's team composition you want.
4) Quote your enemies composition in your post
5) Vote on others compositions (I encourage you to be judicial in your upvotes, and sparse in your downvotes)

Mine are listed as, bot, Jungle, & top respectively (although some tops and jungles are interchangable)
Lets get it started:

Ryze, Shyvana, Kennen
(Strong ulti play, good synergy. Ryze may build Lichbane, Kennen may hybridize)

Anivia, Sejuani, Kha'Xiz
(Ic'olate & Conqeur, High risk high reward)

Nidalee, Mundo, Darius

Viktor, Udyr, Fiora
(Early/Mid game Viktor comp)

Viktor, Trynd, Singed
(Stronker late game Vik comp)

Morgana, Olaf, Wukong
(Counter initiate team)

Jax, Shaco, Teemo
(Summoner response to ward removal, Super carry tank teemo if necessary)

Heimer, Nocturne, Blitz
(Push and control jungle)

Karthus, Skarner, Wukong
(Would this create a lose lose scenario, with a great rate of success?)

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Shen, noct, twisted fate.

Never ever be alone.