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So far, here's where I'm at on the new TT - I've played a handful of games and would list the following as my primary issues with the map thusfar:

Wards - THE biggest thing for me. This promotes passive gameplay, as venturing away from the safety of your turrets/base becomes an impossibility even with timely mias (especially with the speed shrine). If you lose both front turrets and are at all behind, get used to base camping because you will NEVER be able to venture out with ANY sort of security. Lastly, Teemo is a shimmering beacon of win in new TT because of this change.

Altars - Once you've reached the turtling situation listed above, get used to ALWAYS being down the altar buff (and probably Vilemaw as well). And honestly, I didn't feel like old TT was really hurting for team fight action. Maybe that's just my experience over a couple hundred games.

Game Pace - While ganks and unexpected aggression were an integral part of old TT, this accelerates it to a whole new level. Champs that are rewarded for constant fighting (read: Katarina) are made stronger by the very nature of the map.

Base layout - Love it! Sorry to the Blitzcranks and Urgots out there.

At the end of the day, I like old TT better. I could live with every other change if Riot would just give me my wards back.