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Observation of New Map

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Riot I have played about 10 matches on the new map, and so far I have to say I am rather frustrated for a couple reasons. I have never posted in the forums before but this is a serious issue to me.

On the new map I have been experiencing a large amount of latency and quite often drops in frame rate. This I am sure will be dealt with as the bugs are sorted out.

But my larger issue with this map is Rengar. On Summoners Rift he seems to be pretty balanced and I don't have an issue with him, because I have the option to play Draft 5's if I see him being severely abused. Also the fact that I can ward. But on the new Twisted Tree Line, there is a lot of brush, and he can reach a large portion of the map with his passive. I think seriously 8 of the games I played had a Rengar and those teams always won. I really like the idea of having no wards because the game becomes more aggressive and it really trains your map awareness and teamwork. But I really think we need a draft mode on 3's. Even just banning two people per side would be fine. By the 8th game I was feeling so drained and tired of facing Rengar and even having him on my team. Riot I don't think I am going to play on this map at all anymore. I know you put in a lot of hard work. But I really think that you need a Draft mode.

TLDR; I think we need an option of banning champions that may fit in the 5's meta, but not on the 3's meta.