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thoughts/ideas for new TT

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good job chimpy

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While i haven't been playing the new map for as long as some people have been, i have been a vetran TT player since i started playing, in any case these points i feel will make the map a better place to play and might give the majority of people less of a reason to qq about the map.

!. Death timers
the death timers at the begging of the match just seem to be to short, especially considered to the 20 minute mark or so, when the timers start to reach the high times(40+ seconds).
2. amount of minions that spawn
For some reason whenever i look at the amount of red/blue dots on the map(i play in colorblind mode) it seems like there are multiple waves of minions, with more arriving all the time. The amount of creeps that spawn a wave seem to be to many, while at the same time to take down a tower they seem to be to few.
3. turret placement
The way that the turrets are currently situated are to far away from the lanes and to close to the base. the ganks that were supposed to occur seem like they aren't able to with the tower's so far away and the people hanging back and never over extending.
4. map size
the size of this map is in a very awkward spot compared to the previous TT, previously the map size felt right. But now it feels to small. while the map itself may be the same size, the spae inside of the map is just not being used. it sorta feels like a waste of space over all.
5. alters/buffs
The alter buff and vilemaw's buff need to switch. having 10% increased ad and ap plus whatever else the buff gives is to strong, and makes the game more centralized on the neutralization of this buff than the killing of vilemaw or the pushing of towers. What i would suggest would be to either switch the buffs completely around, or to make the altar buffs give the healing portion(increased health and mana regen) while vilemaws buff needs to be more offensive oriented. (timers of buffs needs to be delt with as well but other people have been commenting on that.
6. summoner spells
while in this version of TT i feel like there's not a true "escape spell", what i mean is that as flash was seen as an offensive/defensive spell before it seems useless at this point, except for the champions that need it to use a particular spell effectively.
the jungle seems to be lacking as any champion to jungle now, with smite it is amazingly easy, and without smite the junglers that can make it through are quite a lot. (i don;t necessarily think that there is anything wrong with the jungle but as it stands it seems lacking, as the proper use for it right now would be to have a carry farm it in between minions waves)

thank you for taking the time to read this, ignore whatever spelling errors i have missed, as i thought they were correct at the time of me submitting this.
thoughts, changes, feedback, or whatever else you might want to throw my way will be appreciated.

TLDR: what i think about TT, includes a dragon getting her mother icecream